When Tao Jiayuan, a 16-year-old Chinese boy, complained of a sore throat two months ago, he could have been just any kid anywhere in the world who was looking at staying home from school for an afternoon, sipping tea and honey.

At first, the boy's mom thought he had caught a cold. But after the teen kept having trouble breathing and lost weight his parents took him to the hospital so he could be checked by doctors, who found the real reason for Tao's sucky throat condition: A large leech measuring nearly four inches living inside his windpipe.

It was one tough sucker, too. The doctors who removed the leech said it was still alive and unaffected by the anaesthetic they had given to the boy.

1/19/2012 07:55:37 am

Every healthcare provider should switch to an EMR solution. Paper based records and prescriptions are a thing of the past now and it would be best for both doctors and patients to take advantage of their features and accessibility.

1/19/2012 07:55:54 am

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