A hapless Arizona man was facing possible gun charges Tuesday after he accidentally shot himself in the penis - with his fiancee's little pink pistol.

Joshua Seto was walking with Cara Christopher to a convenience store in the town of Chandler last week when he began stuffing her gun into the front waistband of his pants - and it went off, police said.

The bullet pierced the 27-year-old Seto's organ and passed through his left thigh and the blood immediately began gushing, according to police dispatch recordings obtained by the Arizona Republic.

"He is still conscious, there is just a lot of blood," Christopher, 26, told dispatchers. One of them told Christopher to apply direct pressure with a dry towel or T-shirt - and avoid looking at the wound.

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Tom Stewart
8/10/2011 06:19:20 am

What's more embarrassing? Shooting yourself in the penis? or shooting yourself with your girlfriend's pink gun?


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