A 91-year-old man got so fed up with the young kids in his Pennsylvania neighbourhood, he threw a bucket of urine on his footpath in a bid to keep them away.

Albert Einsig was angry that teenagers were hanging out on his porch so decided to throw the bodily discharge near them in the hope they would stop their late-night rowdiness.

"They bang on the door and get me out of bed," he told WHP CBS-21.

"They have been at me so bad, I don't know which way I'm going."

Police gave Mr Einsig a citation for the "voiding of human excretion" after a neighbour saw him throw the urine.

Neighbours claim Mr Einsig is overly aggressive and also taking his anger out on the wrong kids.

According to resident Jamie Green, teenagers from a nearby neighbourhood come to taunt Mr Einsig in the hope he will then retaliate against the teens who live around him.

"He comes out swinging canes, screaming at the kids calling them little bastards and everything else.," said neighbour Jamie Green.

7/12/2012 05:56:48 pm

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