It wasn't a security threat that kept Qantas flight 825 from the skies, but rather a smelly, dirty diaper.

The plane was en route from Darwin to Brisbane, Australia Sunday when passengers started complaining of a strange odor. And, in that situation, Qantas procedures dictate that the plane land as soon as possible. The plane landed in Mt. Isa.

A Qantas statement said an "odor" was detected.  "Unfortunately the fumes turned out to be a very smelly nappy dumped in the fwd toilet," posted Frank Smith.

Because the Mt. Isa airport couldn't handle a plane as large as a Boeing 767, the passengers had to be removed from the plane by forklift, five at a time, in a process that took two hours.

A new plane picked them up in Mt. Isa and brought them to Brisbane. Their original craft later joined them in Brisbane, with their luggage.

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