A company in central Florida is now offering a “lipobanking” service that pairs liposuction with grafting procedures. Liquid Gold LipoBank allows people having body fat removed to freeze it for later use in older age to plump up sagging tissue in the patient’s face or breasts.

According to an article published on OrlandoSentinel.com, Dr. Jeffrey Hartog said his facilities’ procedure “takes this to a whole new level.” A coffee cup’s worth of fat would reportedly cost $900 to store for the first year, then $200 a year until reused.

4/30/2012 05:44:43 pm

i never heard about the term "lipobanking" literally. It is looking interesting to freeze fat in the bank.

4/30/2012 07:08:21 pm

You are giving the reliable information about the surgery. Interesting thinking to store the fat. I like the way you explain the things. Thanks a lot...


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