1. Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz have completed their divorce amicably. They split up their 15 minutes of fame equally; 7:30 each.

2. According to a poll, the celebrity most people would like to have dinner with is Jennifer Aniston. Women are fantasizing that she'll be cooking. Men are fantasizing she'll be naked.

3. The cover of Playboy Magazine featuring Lindsay Lohan was leaked on the internet yesterday. Why do I feel like that is not the first time the words 'leaked on' and 'Lindsay Lohan' have been used together in the same sentence?

4. Rumors say that The Today Show is considering Ryan Seacrest as a replacement for Matt Lauer next year. I hope they have a back-up plan. Lester Holt is bound to step on him at some point! (Yup - a short joke. Feel free to steal that Joel McHale!)

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