1. Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys - I don't know if I was watching the Grammy's or The Walking Dead Sunday Night!

2. After winning all the Grammy Awards, Adele says she's taking a few years off to spend time with her boyfriend and write new songs. He better dump her if she plans on winning anymore Grammy's.

3. How did Dionne Warwick's friends not warn her about Whitney? This could have been avoided!!

4. Nothing says love like over-sized half-stale candy, dying flowers, and a card with a poem you didn't write. Happy Hallmark Day!!

2/14/2012 08:00:51 pm

Thanks for # 4, Tom! I wish everyone would just get over Valentine's Day. Happily married for 11 years and we do NOT do Valentine's Day. Anniversaries, birthdays, of course, but a holiday created by the florists, card manufacturers, and candy makers? I think not!

As a dear friend said about art, unique is the only true art. Why buy a "greeting card" with the same poem 10 million bought for their respective wives? Gee, don't I feel special, lol.


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