1. Friendly's restaurants are filing for bankruptcy. Worst of all, to cut back on expenses, they've drastically reduced the number of jimmies you can get on your sundae!

2. They say it was Amanda Knox's court speech that convinced Italian jurors to set her free. She threatened to send the Jersey Shore cast back if they didn't.

3. According to a scientific study, men who cheat on their wives have a higher change of breaking their penis - yeah, or having it chopped off.

4. Rick Perry is being criticized for owning a hunting ranch called 'Nigger Head'. I'm guessing President Obama won't be going on any hunting trips with him anytime soon.

not funny
10/4/2011 12:57:52 am

4. love liberal media skewing the facts to try to crucify someone and make him look racist, it wasnt him, it was his dad who owned a time share in a hunting ranch owned by someone else, and there are plenty other places in US that have Ni**er in their name so whats the deal, fact is even RI till 1988 had a small area of ocean front named Ni**ger Bay

10/4/2011 03:16:37 am

Thanks for clarifying Mr. Anonymous Republican. It was a joke, not political commentary.


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