1. Mattel has released a new Barbie doll that is covered with tattoos. Jesse James is already cheating on his girlfriend with her.

2. Libyan rebels, while capturing Gadaffi, discovered that their leader has been wearing a toupee. I can't wait to see how much this goes for on Ebay!

3. People living in San Francisco, California experienced a 3.9 magnitude earthquake yesterday. They all took safety precautions by standing in the nearest doorway, and immediately tweeting on their cell phones.

4. UCLA and Arizona's football game last night had a fake referee strip down and streak across the field, a bench clearing brawl between both teams, and a combined 60 points scored. I gotta start watching more college sports!

5. The new Barbie doll is covered with tattoos. We are a nipple piercing and pole away from the new Stripper Barbie.

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