1. Mothers need to go back to "giving them something to cry about!".

2. I had the same reaction to the Game Of Thrones TV ending as I did the Game Of Thrones Book ending. I didn't see either one.

3. Michael Douglas claims he got cancer from giving women oral sex. In related news, Rosie O'Donnell says she got fat for the same reason.

3a. In related news, Catherine Zeta-Jones is no longer giving blow-jobs.
3b. Any guy who got throat cancer by smoking cigarettes must feel stupid now.
3c. Tossing her salad is still safe though, right?
3d. We need stronger vagina control laws.
3e. Well that proves it. You can't eat anything without it being bad for you.

4. Kim Kardashian has revealed the sex of her baby - and it's a girl! NBA stars 18 years from now have something to look forward to.