1. Rhode Island is ranked the 2nd worst run state in the country. But don't worry, Chafee is working hard at making us #1!

2. Wendy Williams recently posed nude for a PETA ad. Even animals were like, "Dude, No. We'll take our chances...."

3. The band Led Zeppelin will reunite for an interview on David Letterman next week. Not to be outdone, Jay Leno plans to reunite all 3 members of Hanson.

4. Lindsay Lohan was arrested for punching a psychic at a nightclub. Shit, even I would have seen that one coming!

1. Am I the only one who laughs when entertainment reporters say the new Abraham Lincoln movie is doing well in theaters?

2. Israel and Hamas are reportedly close to a cease-fire deal. So maybe there is still hope for the NHL.

3. Well thanks to this Elmo guy, Mitt Romney has another reason to want to shut down PBS.

4. I had no idea that Sesame Street was on the Penn State campus.

5. Am I going to get in trouble for all those times I tickled Elmo?

6. Maybe the count should have helped Elmo out with that age thing, "18 or over ah ah ah..."

1. Yesterday I observed Veteran's Day by supporting a Colonel.... I had lunch at KFC.

2. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up after 2 years together. For some reason Taylor Swift wrote three songs about it.

3. So I'm guessing the Tickle Me Elmo doll isn't going to be such a hot item this Christmas.

4. Am I the only who thinks the head of the CIA should be the last guy who would ever get caught cheating?