A 21-year old Iranian man who got a tattoo on his penis has been suffering with a permanent erection since the procedure. The man, who wants to remain nameless, had the artist tattoo a Persian script on his shaft reading "borow be salaamat" which means "Good luck on your journeys". He also had the first inital of his girlfriend's name, an 'M', added as well. 

The procedure was a painful, as he chose to use a tattoo artist who uses traditional methods of needles and pigments. For several days the man endured pain, and eventually found himself waking up with erections that would last for several hours. Now, after several procedures, the man has an almost permanent erection. While this can be a serious health issue for many men, doctors say this man should be okay as long as he has blood drained from his penis on a regular basis. The man himself says, that as long as he can still have sex, pain free, that he can live with the situation.

TOM: If you have a penis large enough for such a long phrase, do you really need a tattoo?

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