We all love our animals and want to keep them happy. And since it's hard for them to roll a joint, a Seattle company is developing a medical marijuana patch for pets. Seriously.

Jim Alekson's Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC has patented a patch called Tetracan that he says could be used on dogs, cats, even horses.

But why would a dog need medical marijuana?  "Because dogs suffer from the same maladies that humans do. It's a question of quality of life," said Alekson.

While the patch does conjur visions of pups frolicking in fields of poppies, Alekson says pets suffer greatly from pain—everything from arthritis to cancer. He points to pharmaceutical painkillers that have proven harmful, sometimes fatal in animals.

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Tom Stewart
7/30/2011 12:14:15 pm

Why is my dog craving Funyuns and Yoohoo?


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