1. Providence Place Mall is raising the price to park in the garage to $2.00 per car. I hope that comes with a map showing the way out of that maze!

2. I know it is disappointing that the 'super committee' didn't come to an agreement. But what haunts me the most is the image of those politicians sitting together in capes and tights.

3. My favorite reality TV show returns tonight. You know the one with the guys and one girl who fight, bicker, and say stupid things. I think it's called the GOP Debates.

4. Rex Ryan was fined $75,000 by the NFL for saying the F-word after a game last week. In response to the fine, Ryan was quoted as saying, "FUCK!"

Linda A Wimer
11/22/2011 12:58:40 am

FYI.....I click on you every day ! lol...Have a good one.


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