1. Hey Monday, way to go and ruin a perfectly good long weekend!

2. Today is Cyber Monday. Millions of people will be on the internet shopping for holiday deals. And that is why your favorite porn site is running so slow!

3. San Diego kicker Nick Novack was caught by cameras peeing into a cup during a game yesterday. Ahh, dude, that's not Gatorade!

4. The movie, Twilight has been causing some viewers to have seizures. Add that to disgust, boredom, and refunds. I knew the acting was bad, but I just figure nausea was my biggest risk.

you're a hack
11/28/2011 05:17:50 am

i thought you weren't funny in real life, but damn.........

Tom Stewart
11/28/2011 10:44:56 am

I love anonymous posters.... lol


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